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How Business Strategy Is Developed To Manage Perception
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Perception needs to be managed, optics do matter. Unbeknownst to most our entire

economic landscape is based on the principle of controlling perception and influencing behavior.

Our modern shift depicts economies that are negatively induced with domestic consumption from a growing middle class driven by young demographics and “urbanization trends”. As a result you see consumption patterns that are evolving and converging with global consumption patterns.

These consumptive environments are impelled by the ability to leverage big data and IoT with deep learning and predictive analysis that identify and extract key consumption triggers that convert and secure sales. Ultimately these are extrinsic exchanges built on trends and not by an inclusive need or intrinsic value.

Trends are a fly by night that don't have enough consumer substance to cultivate a community or lifestyle. Best business practices should carefully aggregate their predictive analytics by leveraging big data to control perception while influencing “positive consumer behaviors”.

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