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Two Luxury Truck Builds by East Coast Defender in an East vs. West Showdown
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Kissimmee, Fl: (December 4, 2017): East Coast Defender (E.C.D.), the award-winning automotive group, today unveiled the first pair of powerful trucks simultaneously designed in Design Centers on opposite coasts before traveling through the build process, side by side, at the Rover Dome in Kissimmee, Florida.  

California versus Florida, it’s the great debate. As different as the weather, these two vehicles showcase the versatility of a custom Land Rover Defender by East Coast Defender and go the extra mile towards capturing the top spot as possibly the greatest things ever, to come out of either of these two beachy states.  

“These two truck builds have been both thrilling and challenging all at once, but each of them represents something special, “states Scott Wallace, East Coast Defender Co-Owner. “While this isn’t an East Coast-West Coast rivalry, we offer our clients thousands of design possibilities and we think it’s going to be interesting to see which location produces the best designs to advance the E.C.D. brand.”

From traditional trucks to sporty and rugged, E.C.D. leads the way in personalization and performance exploration when it comes to customized Land Rover Defenders and Range Rover Classics. Our customers agree, that it is our ability to blend the utility of a truck with the versatility of a classic that sets an E.C.D. built apart.   

Why build all of the vehicles in Florida? The company’s founders determined long ago that if they wanted to become the best custom Land Rover Defender builders on the planet they would have to have complete control from start to finish. Since that day, the team at East Coast Defender has places an immense amount of pride in each custom vehicle built at the Rover Dome in Kissimmee, Florida. 

From the Great State of California - Project Elysium

Project Elysium, reminds adventurers just how remarkable the trip can be with its powerful 5.3-liter, 320-hp Chevrolet LC9 V-8 engine. Finished in a custom matte black finish with a black roof, this Defender 110 received a complete upgrade by the decorated design team at E.C.D. and now brings a great balance of power torque and efficiency to this daily driver. 

This asphalt ripping, road warrior also features a custom center console, VDO gauges and an impressive Kenwood infortainment system with Apple CarPlay/Android Auto, GPS, and backup camera. 

Build Specs

5.3-liter,320-hp Chevrolet LC9 V-8 engine with Automatic Transmission

18” Defend 1983 wheels with BF Goodrich All-Terrain tires

Stainless steel Borla exhaust

VDO gauges

Custom Matte Black Paint

Custom Made Center Console

Masai panoramic windows

LED Lighting throughout

Kenwood infotainment system with Apple CarPlay/Android Auto, GPS, and backup camera

2-year/50,000-mile warranty from GM

Representing the Sunshine State of Florida - Project Millennium Falcon

Project Millennium Falcon, is a faster, more technologically advanced driving experience. This Defender 90 features a Kahn Wide Body kit and Masai panoramic windows, LED lighting and an Amazon Echo unit with wireless WIFI throughout. 

Dressed to impress, Project Millennium Falcon is running a 6.2-liter, 430-hp Chevrolet LS3 engine with a 4-Speed Automatic Transmission, Full Safety Devices roll cage, Borla exhaust and 18” Boost/Kahn Alloy wheels in black with BF Goodrich All-Terrain tires.

Build Specs

6.2-liter,430-hp Chevrolet LS3 engine with Automatic Transmission

18” Boost/Kahn Alloy wheels with BF Goodrich All-Terrain tires

Stainless steel Borla exhaust

Kahn Wide Body kit

Full Safety Devices Roll Cage

Momo Steering Wheel

Kahn 18”

Suede Puma Dash Maremma (MM) with white stitching

Diamond Stitching on two-tone suede interior featuring All-America Series Performance Seats

Black Procure headliner

Kenwood infotainment system with Apple CarPlay/Android Auto, GPS, and backup camera

All American Series Classic gauges

Carbon Fiber Pedals

Masai panoramic windows

LED Lighting throughout

Amazon Echo unit with WIFI

# # #

About East Coast Defender

Headquartered in Kissimmee, Florida, East Coast Defender (E.C.D.) is an award-winning builder of premium Land Rover Defenders and Range Rover Classics. The company was founded in 2013 by three self-prescribed “British petrol heads,” brothers Tom and Elliot Humble, and Scott Wallace. Today, E.C.D. is known for its commitment to perfection, dedication to build quality and ability to maintain the heritage of their vehicles while bringing them up to 21st Century luxury. E.C.D. is home to 46 full-time employees in its 25,000 square-foot manufacturing facility in Florida, known as the Rover Dome, and its West Coast Design Studio in Malibu, California. 

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