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3D Imaging Market 2018 Global Share, Trend, Segmentation and Forecast to 2023
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3D Imaging Market Share, Size, Trends, And Business Opportunity Analysis Report 2018 include historic data, with forecast data to 2023. 3D Imaging Market

Market Scenario:

The 3D technologies have been adopted widely by organization across several industry verticals. The factors driving the market are 3D imaging in machine vision applications of industrial automation, increase demand for 3D medical imaging and increasing usage of technology in products such as smart phones, cameras, television, etc. are some of the significant factors driving the market growth.

3D Imaging Market has numerous advantages in healthcare and medical industry. 3D imaging facilitates diagnoses, treatment and surgical planning and increase clinical productivity. Patients are also benefitted by 3D imaging technology, as it helps in improving diagnostic confidence. 3D imaging technology has replaced expensive diagnostic procedures, reducing risk of complications, minimize exploratory surgery, facilitates less expensive surgical planning, reduce operating time, and minimize damage to healthy tissue by focusing on the treatment area.

The 3D Imaging Market can be segmented on the basis of hardware. 3D display generates the illusion of depth by presenting different image to each eye. This is common characteristics that all 3D displays have. The 3D displays have some disadvantage which is hampering the growth of the market which includes the glasses themselves vary in performance, high cost, power requirement is high and frequency arbiter is often required.

The 3D Imaging Market is expected to grow at approximately USD 36 Billion by 2023, at 28% of CAGR between 2018 and 2023.

3D Imaging Market Key Players:

The prominent players in the 3D imaging market are GE Healthcare Inc. (U.S.), Google Inc. (U.S.), Hewlett Packard Company (U.S.), Panasonic Corporation (Japan), Philips Healthcare Informatics Inc. (U.S), Konica Minolta Inc. (Japan), Lockheed Martin Corporation (U.S.), Agilent Technologies (U.S.), Able Software Corporation (U.S.), TomTec Imaging Systems GMBH (Germany) among others.

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Regional Analysis:

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