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3D NAND Memory Market 2016 Analysis, Opportunities and Growth, Forecast to 2027
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Global 3D NAND Memory Market Information by Type (SLC, MLC, TLC), by Application (Consumer Electronics, Mass Storage, Industrial, Aerospace & Defence, Telecommunication) - Forecast 2016-2027

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Key players:

The key players in the market of 3D NAND Memory market are- Intel (U.S.), Toshiba (Japan), Micron (U.S.), SK Hynix (South Korea), Samsung (South Korea), Apple Inc. (U.S.), SanDisk (U.S.), Intel Corp. (U.S.) among others.

Market Scenario:

3D NAND Memory Market is type of flash memory and non-volatile with various application. It is a three-dimensional arrangement of an array on a silicon substrate. This memory came into existence in the year 2013 by Samsung. Currently this memory plays very vital role in consumer electronics product and has been valued at US high billion. This market is expected to reach US high billion by the end of forecasted period with the CAGR of high during the forecasted period.

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