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Addiction Marketing Changes to Google Ad Words. What about the good guys?
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 Google Ad Words no longer allows addiction treatment centers to advertise. This could be a good thing if it stops the bad players. But what about the good players? After all, we need to provider treatment resources to the good providers of rehabs and IOP (Intensive OutPatient Treatment Programs) that are helping to save peoples lives and are reputable places. 

For example, I see people on Sober Grid looking for recommendations for addiction services almost everyday. Sure, often times people may just be looking for recovery support groups such as Smart recovery, Alcoholics Anonymous, etc.. and not rehab. But often times these people struggling and don't have clean days or they're just counting early days... like one or two days, or trying to get into rehab to get just one day clean. There is probably not a day that goes by that someone's not on Sober Grid looking for a rehab to go into. However, they dont have any resources shown to them because SG has not historically allowed advertising over the course of the last 2 years. Now, we are opening that option up  so that people can find help. They need it! There are over 100,600 Members on the app and on any given day zero there are also more than 10,000 direct private messages sent inside the app. Do you want to guess how many of these direct messages are asking for help getting into a rehab? 1% percent would be 100 messages asking for rehab locations. 10% would be 1,000 rehab location requests! Let's see if we can get some great reputable resources on the grid. Stay tuned.....

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