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AI-apps with creativity
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We launch Inbrights to push the progress. You can play a role in this scene.

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On the 4th of September, we launch Inbrights and a set of creative AI-apps for iOS devices. 

Want to create a mind-blowing text, cook something new, renew a party, joke, make a speech, read fake news, or write a poem? Update your inspiration to 2.0 and refresh your day with lots of creative bots.

CreativeBots lets you:

  • Generate short texts on your mobile device.
  • Inspire yourself for new discoveries.
  • Improve texts in your own way.
  • Share this with your friends or post it on social networks.
  • A few simple touches in app, that's all.

Creative set: 

  • Well-wisher CreativeBot, 
  • Birds rhapsody CreativeBot,
  • Party maker CreativeBot,
  • Well-wisher 2 CreativeBot, 
  • Poet & Writer CreativeBot, 
  • Comedian CreativeBot, 
  • Chef CreativeBot, 
  • Public speaker CreativeBot, 
  • Journalist CreativeBot, 
  • Metal addicted CreativeBot and 
  • WiseMan CreativeBot. 

Most of bots are free with in-app purchases, with the exception of two, they are paid (Well-wisher CreativeBot and Birds rhapsody CreativeBot). All are available for sale on iTunes Store (the entire set in the App Store). Additional information and screenshots on personal pages( 

Here are videos✌️: 

  • Innovation - R&D
  • Startup
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