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An innovative, technical and aesthetic flying date for Louis Chevrolet watches
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Louis Chevrolet, the watch brand based in Porrentruy in Switzerland, innovates once again by presenting its latest pending patent: the flying date. Present on its new ladies and men's collections, this innovative concept gives very high perceived value to timepieces at the most affordable prices.
<p>Frontenac Chronograph Ivory</p>

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Frontenac Chronograph Ivory

What is the « flying date »?

The concept of the flying date is to report the reading of the day of the month at various positions on the watch dial. The date indication "flies" 360 degrees around the dial. This is an original, aesthetic and technical way to display the evolution of time from day to day.

This innovation now makes it possible to integrate the calendar directly on the watch dial and to get out of the conventional use of it. This therefore requires modifications to the watch movements used on these models, operations that are carried out within the factory. A patent under validation has been filed out for this system.

The models from the ladies "Number 8 Chronograph" and men's 'Frontenac Chronograph' collections are available for purchase on the website from CHF 448.- including VAT (EUR 380 excluding VAT). These timepieces are available in several versions with different dial and case colors.

What future for this pending patent?

After a successful Kickstarter operation in autumn 2018, Louis Chevrolet will launch a new crowdfunding campaign on the same platform in a few weeks with an even more complex and innovative version of the flying date. The project will be fully revealed on March 11th (16 :00 CET), but can already be followed on the brand social networks or website.

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Based in Porrentruy, in the Swiss Jura, Louis Chevrolet Swiss Watches has designed, manufactured and marketed since 2006 watches in its own factory. The name Louis Chevrolet pays tribute to the eponym man, of Swiss origin, founder in 1911 of the "Chevrolet Motor Car Company". The factory is located less than 10 km from the place where Louis Chevrolet spent his childhood.

In 2016, Louis Chevrolet started its “big curve” in order to completely renew its collections.

Press contact Louis Chevrolet Swiss Watches

Florent Bregnard
Marketing & communication
+ 41 (0)32 465 38 08

Louis Chevrolet Watch Company SA
En Roche de Mars 10
2900 Porrentruy
Jura- Suisse

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