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Assisting decision makers to understand Plastics Punnets Market opportunities, their partners and competitors in global industry
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Globally, the plastic punnets are prominently used packaging solutions for the packaging of the fresh produce, food, and vegetable products. This type of packaging format has gained significant attention in the last few years due to the substantial increase in the demand for lightweight packaging solutions across the globe to reduce overall waste generated due to high consumption of the materials in conventional packaging formats. The plastics punnets are also used for the packaging of some agricultural, food, and dairy products.

Market Dynamics:

The demand for plastics punnets is expected to increase at a CAGR value of 4%-5% during the next five years. Some of the key players in the plastics punnets market are engaged in the research and development of this product to further reduce cost factor and increase the profitability margin.

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Market Players:

Some of the key players in the plastics punnets market are LC Packaging International B.V., Carters Packaging Limited, T&B Containers Limited, Nicholas Packaging, YV Packaging, Sullivan Packaging, Velkan Engineering Pvt, Ltd., Raptis Pax Pty Ltd, Evesham Specialist Packaging Ltd., Holfeld Plastics Ltd., Tacca Industries, INFIA Srl, Peter Grice Packaging Ltd, Marinucci Australia Pty Ltd., Ampulla Ltd., GROUPE GUILLIN, NGP Plastic SA, Pactiv LLC, and Element Pack Pty Ltd.

The primary applications for the plastics punnets packaging are fresh produce, fruits, and vegetables. All of these account for more than 50%-60% of the overall plastic punnets market, by end use. Also, the growth in the fresh-cut fruits market has boosted the demand of plastic punnets packaging in the segment. Growing awareness towards more healthier and convenient lifestyle in the developed countries has boosted the demand for packaged food, fruits, and vegetables. Increase in demand for these products will further boost the demand for plastic punnets in these segments.

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Some of the indicating factors which may further increase the demand for plastics punnets in near future are:

  • According to Food and Agriculture Association, the demand for fruits and vegetables has increased drastically in the high-income countries such as U.S., Germany, Italy, etc.
  • It is estimated that the demand for healthy food products will reach nearly US$ 1 trillion in 2017. Also, it has been found in a survey that consumers are ready to pay more for the products which promote weight loss and boost health.

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