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Aurora Europe and Ethypharm collaborate to bring Medical Cannabis to French patients
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• Aurora Europe and Ethypharm selected to supply medical cannabis in the first ever French medical cannabis pilot program • Two-year program scheduled to commence by 31 March 2021

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Berlin, Germany and St-Cloud, France, 26 January 2021 – Aurora Europe and the Ethypharm Group announce that they have reached a first important milestone in their collaboration agreement aimed at granting access to high-quality and trustworthy medical cannabis produced under European Good Manufacturing Practices (EU GMP) standard to patients and healthcare professionals in France. They are amongst the six producer and distributor tandems selected by the French health agency (National Agency for the Safety of Medicines and Health Products ANSM]) to provide medical cannabis products in the soon-to-start French pilot program.

In a decree dated 7 October 2020, French authorities set the framework for a two-year pilot program of medical cannabis in France planned to start by 31 March 2021 and the French health agency ANSM was charged with running a tender process to select the medical cannabis products to be supplied in this program. Aurora Europe and the Ethypharm Group are happy to announce that they have been selected as the primary supplier for three lots out of nine awarded, which are: Aurora 20/1 (FR) (high-THC dried flowers), Aurora 8/8 (FR) (THC:CBD balanced dried flowers) and Aurora 1/12 (FR) (high-CBD dried flowers). With that the entire supply of dried flower medical cannabis to French patients during the pilot program will be ensured by this collaboration.

“This is an important milestone and a great success for Aurora in our effort to improve the status and accessibility of medical cannabis in Europe,” said Dr. Axel GILLE, President of Aurora Europe. “Providing high-quality medical cannabis dried flower to the French pilot program is the first and very important step towards providing better access and will support the destigmatization of medical cannabis in France. If successful, this pilot program could lead to a regulated market for medical cannabis, which would be one of the largest in Europe.”

Aurora has a proven track record of supporting the advancement of international medical cannabis markets alongside government bodies and with a deep commitment to compliance. This practice has led to successful leadership in expanding markets including Germany, Denmark, Poland and more recently Israel.

“We are very proud to be part of the solution for patients seeking medical cannabis treatment. With our deep expertise in disorders of the Central Nervous System and in highly regulated medicines, we are well prepared to enter this new segment,” explained Bertrand DELUARD, President and CEO of Ethypharm. “Collaboration and partnerships are part of Ethypharm’s DNA. Combining our skills with Aurora’s pharmaceutical-quality cannabis products is in our view the right approach to build trust and confidence in medical cannabis for the long term.”

Aurora and Ethypharm signed a collaboration agreement to serve the French pilot program in October 2020 leveraging both parties' expertise. Under the terms of the exclusive partnership, Aurora will supply European Good Manufacturing Practices (EU GMP) certified medical cannabis sourced directly from Aurora’s largest greenhouse production on European soil, Aurora Nordic, in Odense, Denmark, as well as manufacturing and logistics support. Laboratoires Ethypharm will be responsible for distribution and pharmacovigilance activities in France.

About Aurora Europe

Aurora Europe, headquartered in Berlin, Germany, is a subsidiary of Aurora Cannabis Inc., a global leader in the cannabis industry serving both medical and consumer markets and dedicated to helping people improve their lives. Aurora Europe supplies high-quality medical cannabis products to patients throughout Europe. In 2015, Aurora entered the German market and today operates one of the largest authorised importers and distributors of medical cannabis in Europe. Aurora’s internal network of EU GMP facilities continues to bring high-quality, premium medical cannabis to patients worldwide. For more information visit and follow us on LinkedIn.

About the Ethypharm Group

Ethypharm is a European pharmaceutical company focused on two therapeutic areas: the Central Nervous System and Critical Care. Ethypharm markets its drugs directly in Europe and China, and with partners in North America and the Middle East where its drugs are in high demand. The Group employs more than 1,500 people, mainly in Europe and China. Ethypharm works closely with authorities and healthcare professionals to ensure the appropriate use of and access to its medicines, by as many people as possible.

For more information visit and follow us on LinkedIn

Media contact

Yvonne Moeller | Director Communications Europe
Aurora Europe GmbH | Wilmersdorfer Straße 98/99 | 10629 Berlin - Germany
M +49 (0) 176 18000 560 | T +49 (0)30 9832 1601 0 |

Avril Ponnelle | Group Communication Manager
Ethypharm | 194 Bureaux de la Colline | 92213 Saint-Cloud Cedex - France
M +33 6 3051 2527 | T +33 1 4112 1720 |

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