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Aussie author's "radically gentle" approach to autism
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Classically trained Australian psychologist Holly Bridges was never comfortable with traditional autism therapy. She felt the intense frustration of those on the spectrum, their families, friends and supporters.

In most cases, she witnessed little progress. In many cases, therapies seemed to comprise coercive activities that were often met with outright hostility.

The lack of effectiveness and the general unhappiness of all involved motivated her to find a more progressive, inclusive approach.

She discovered a body of work that challenged the notion that autism was solely a problem with the brain.

In 2015, Holly authored “Reframe your thinking around Autism”. [see the book here] This started to explain the many physical symptoms of autism, and the relationship between the BODY and the brain. This went some way to redefine what autism is, and thus how it should be treated.

“Anxiety, depression and symptoms of autism originate in the body, the nervous system. We should work to gently restore the nervous system in people with ASD”, says Holly. “We're having results with adults on the spectrum that defy current outcomes in traditional therapy.”

Holly has seen young non-verbal clients for a single session and they have begun talking. She explains this not as a miracle but a function of the nervous system being in a “better place”.

She is embarking on her second tour of three continents this Northern Spring, with book signings, appearances and workshops in the UK, Ireland, New York, Boston and Utah.


Since 2015, Holly's Autism Reframe Technique is the foundation of a therapy regimen that has taken her on a journey of three continents and touched the lives of thousands of people on the autism spectrum, and their families. Please see the attached PDF for links and references, or use this link.

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