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Auto Shipping Group Inc. is Proffering Upgraded Classic Car Shipping Services
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Auto Shipping Group INC, a leading auto shipping service provider in USA has upgraded its range of classic car shipping services and has been offering classic car moving service at competitive prices. The company has introduced newer models of safe enclosed trailers to keep vehicles out of the hazardous elements and protect them from damage during the transit.

It also provides guaranteed insurance to assure better safety for your vehicles during the transit. The company has an extensive experience in providing car moving service for vintage race car, classic, sixties muscle car, street rod, modern exotic cars and more. It is easy to book for its auto delivery service online or over phone through its customer representatives.

All of its trucks carry a minimum $100,000.00 insurance policy, as required by law, in case of damages to the vehicles they are transporting. As long as the vehicle is up on the truck, it is fully insured through the truck’s cargo insurance policy. If the owner has insurance on the vehicle, it will become “secondary” to the truck’s insurance.

With regard to its upgraded and insured classic car moving service, the company has mentioned, “We offer insured, on-time, trackable door-to-door delivery for your beloved classic car from overseas deliveries to non-continental states and territories”.

Auto Transport Group is known for offering the safest, efficient and door to door delivery auto transport services. Whether one is looking to deliver a classic automobile to a new buyer or moving to a new destination, ASG carry the right equipment and skilled staff to complete the task with utmost care and make sure that your car will arrive in the same condition as when you left it. It provides a wide array of classic car shipping options so you can find the right one to fit your budget.

It is always advisable to the car owners to make sure the car is clean before it is inspected by the staff for transportation. It helps carrier to do a proper inspection and also help to avoid damage claim problems.

About ASG

Auto Shipping Group is the parent operating company of four very successful auto shipping brokerages that includes Magic Carpet Auto Transport, Cascade Vehicle Shipping, Domestic Auto Transport, and Red Carpet Auto Transport.

These four companies have a combined total of over 30 years of experience in the Auto Shipping Industry. Auto Shipping Group is engaged in providing state of the art transportation services using its skilled staff and constantly upgraded equipment, logistical software and effective communication process. The company is fully bonded & insured with FMCSA and US DOT to transport all types of classic cars, trucks, and exotic vehicles. It is also engaged in shipping boats and motorcycles, all with the utmost care and superior quality services.

Contact Details

Auto Shipping Group

700 NE 4th Ave Suite 203

Camas WA 98607

(360) 207-5480

(888) 588-1261

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