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Press release

Bertrand DELUARD appointed President & Chief Executive Officer of the Ethypharm Group
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Ethypharm's Supervisory Board is delighted to announce the appointment of Bertrand Deluard as Group CEO.

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St-Cloud, France – 31 July 2019 – Ethypharm’s Supervisory Board is delighted to announce the appointment of Bertrand DELUARD as Group President & CEO.


Following an announced transitional period, Bertrand DELUARD is taking over from Hugues LECAT who will become President of the Supervisory Board

Bertrand DELUARD, 58, has more than 30 years’ experience and a successful track record within the drugs and medical devices industry, having worked for the biggest groups in France (Rhône Poulenc, Aventis) and internationally (GSK, Johnson & Johnson, Cardinal Health). He has considerable leadership experience in different types of markets in Europe, the United States and in emerging countries. Bertrand is in charge of the Group’s accelerated Transformation, to make Ethypharm a European leader in the domains of CNS and Critical Care.

He stated, “The Ethypharm Group is entering an ambitious new phase of growth and expanding its portfolio of speciality products. I am proud to work alongside the management team and the Group’s 1,400 employees to implement a strategy focusing on the unmet needs of patients & healthcare professionals”.

About Ethypharm


Ethypharm is a European-based specialty pharmaceutical Group with global reach. It is a committed player in the domains of CNS (addictions and pain) and Critical Care. These two core therapeutic areas accounted for 64% of our turnover in 2018. The Group has 1,400 employees worldwide, mainly based in France, the United Kingdom, Germany and China and is available for patients in over 80 countries. For over 40 years, Ethypharm’s employees have been making every effort to improve patients’ lives by providing high-quality drugs to respond to unmet medical needs. Ethypharm works closely with healthcare professionals and authorities to ensure appropriate use and access to its drugs for as many as possible all around the world.

For more information about the Ethypharm Group, go to and follow @ethypharm on Linkedin.

Press contact – Avril PONNELLE / 33 (0) 1 41 12 17 20

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