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Can a snack food save the planet?
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This Saturday is Earth Day, but for one Minnesota start-up, every day is Earth Day.

Its goal is to feed the world’s growing population without adding a single acre of farmland. At the moment, it is feeding hungry consumers nutrition-packed snacks that not only taste good, but are eco-friendly, to boot.

Planetarians, from Minnesota-based USARIUM, are all-natural chips made from the up-cycled leftovers created during the production of sunflower oil. Yes, there are plenty of “healthy” snack foods on the market these days. But none of them have the potential to one day feed 1.5 billion extra people without needing to grow more crops.

Despite lower birth rates in some developed countries, the global population is booming. By the end of the year, nearly 24 million more people will be added to the more than 7.6 billion people living on Earth. Most Americans don’t think much about where their food comes from and amount of energy and resources it takes to grow, raise, and produce it.

A feature on Planetarians and/or the broader issue of up-cycling and sustainable food production can highlight:

  • The role of the wasted ingredients on health, climate change and population growth.
  • How using high fiber, high protein foods can prevent obesity, diabetes, and other diet-related diseases.
  • How up-cycled food waste can reduce the impact on the planet and feed the growing population.

This would be a great story pegged to Earth Day, but it could really work any time, as issues related to health, the environment, food production, and sustainability are foremost in the minds of many of your viewers here in America and around the world.

Please, let me know what additional information we can provide. As the inventors of this particular process, we can discuss the process and the global implications. We can also connect you with other companies using similar up-cycling processes to produce healthier, eco-friendly food.    

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