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Can chips from food waste improve the health?!
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You see the growth of the diet-related diseases and allergies in recent years. You hear suggestions to eat Organic foods, minimally touched by the food industry. But you know, it’s expensive and if you’re looking for the alternative, this article for you. 

That’s true that reducing costs food industry strips a lot of nutrients from primary ingredients and replaces with cheaper versions (mostly from corn). What if they waste something valuable for our health? What if we can put it back and normalize our health without expensive Organic? But what is that nutrient?

Scientists from UC Davis decided to study breast milk as the ultimate meal, prepared by Mother nature, and compare it to the meals on our plates.


They learned that the 3rd by volume nutrient in our breast milk is not digestible for baby. Why mother nature left in such a precious condensed meal such a useless ingredient?

They fed newborns with breast milk and milk substitutes. They compared the levels of diseases and mortality, and the kids fed with alternatives had significantly higher rates. When they analyzed the poops - they saw that the diversity and the volume of bacteria were different. Thus they learned that this 3rd nutrient was the food not for the baby, but for its bugs. And these bugs, known today as Microbiome, act as the second immune system against diet-related diseases. 

Since this ingredient was indigestible, food industry wrote it off from the essential components in their aspiration to cut the costs. Bacteria in our microbiome left without food. Our body became vulnerable.

What is the name of this ingredient?- Oligosaccharides. 

The more important question is how to put back.


Should we ask nutritionists to release the new version of vitamins? Or before they waste anything else, maybe we’d better find solutions on our own?

Oligosaccharides are a component of fiber from plant tissue. We can get fiber from vegetables, eat fruits with peels, whole grain baked products and many-many other sources.

But let me remind, food industry cut the prices not only due to competition. They fought the hunger. Same true today - we anticipate 1.5B extra people by 2050. We cannot just say - let’s eat more fiber foods. The land is limited. We cannot endlessly increase the pressure on the planet. Maybe we’d better think how to put back what’s already grown, but wasted by food industry?

Scientists from University of Minnesota made high fiber protein chips from up-cycled Sunflower meal (dry matter wasted after oil extraction from seeds).

But are you ready to eat the chips from waste? Do you know other inexpensive hacks to improve the health? Want to try samples?- Let’s chat.

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