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Minnesota Company Turns Waste into Healthy Food for Growing Population

MINNEAPOLIS, May 3rd, 2018 – The Earth’s population is growing by nearly 83 million people each year, creating myriad problems, not the least of which is feeding the expanding populace without further damaging the environment with more crops, livestock, and waste.

Surprisingly, part of the solution may lie in a 1.2 oz. package of sunflower chips.

PLANETARIANS are a new all-natural snack chip that delivers a wholesome, nutrition-packed, and delicious alternative to typical junk food. But what separates PLANETARIANS from other healthy snacks is how they are made.

PLANETARIANS are produced from the “up-cycled” leftovers created during the production of sunflower oil. In other words, not a single additional plant is required for their production. What used to be discarded by-product is now a snack food that is eco-friendly, healthy, and tastes good. What’s more, the technology and process used to create PLANETARIANS can be scaled and eventually feed 1.5 billion extra people, according to the chips’ maker, USARIUM INC.

“Despite lower birth rates in some developed countries, the world’s population is booming. By 2030, the United Nations expects the global population to reach 8.6 billion -- one billion more than today. The question becomes, how do we feed all these extra people without further stretching already strained agricultural resources or causing more damage to the environment,” said Aleh Manchuliantsau, founder and CEO of USARIUM INC.

According to Manchuliantsau, as the population continues to grow, food manufacturers around the world need to invest in more sustainable methods of producinrdg food. In creating PLANETARIANS, Manchuliantsau and his team discovered a new way to:

  • Increase food production by eliminating waste
  • Produce high-protein, high-fiber food products made entirely from plants
  • Reduce the environmental impact of the agricultural industry

“Most Americans don’t give much thought to where their food comes from and amount of land, energy, water, and other resources it takes to grow, raise, and produce it. We want to change that and help people understand that their food choices matter,” Manchuliantsau said.

“Forty percent of the food bought by consumers goes to waste. But even before the food reaches the grocery store, manufacturers have already dumped more than half of it. Our main ingredient, which is what’s left from making sunflower oil, used to be discarded or fed to cows. But this byproduct is anything but waste. It’s packed with protein; more protein than beef,” said Anastasia Tkacheva, co-founder of USARIUM.

“Animal agriculture wastes 93 percent of nutrients. Much of what we feed to animals contains high-quality nutrients that can and should be eaten by humans instead. We can feed 10x more people if we stop giving food production castoffs to animals and start using 100 percent of plants for human consumption,” Tkacheva added.

PLANETARIANS are now available on Amazon and directly from

About PLANETARIANS: ​PLANETARIANS believes that by using 100% of plants, we can make food that is nutritious, eco-friendly, and able to feed a growing population. PLANETARIANS sunflower chips has 3x more protein, 2x more fiber, and 3x less fat per serving than typical potato chips. For more information, all interested parties can contact

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