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Club Med South Africa launches “Weddings by Club Med”
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A wedding is a momentous occasion; an incredibly special time. This is not something you don’t already know. But, one thing you probably aren’t aware of is how more and more South Africans are choosing destination weddings.

It is for this reason that pioneer and leader of all-inclusive worldwide sun and snow holidays, Club Med, is very proud to introduce its latest offering to the South African market: Weddings by Club Med.

Weddings by Club Med will provide South Africans with an exceptional wedding celebration which caters to the entire family, coupled with an all-inclusive holiday package.

Olivier Hannaert, Managing Director of Club Med Southern Africa, notes that the brand has noticed some interesting trends within the wedding and honeymoon market from a travel perspective, and that their latest offering ties perfectly in to these trends.

“South Africa is an incredibly diverse place, with people who are just as diverse and who place great importance on sharing special moments and new experiences with family and friends. ‘Togetherness’ is a must in special occasions. That said, we’ve noticed that more South Africans are choosing to ‘wedding’ a little differently these days - opting for weddings that are as unique as they are and that offer a truly unforgettable experience. Over the past year we’ve seen an increase in the number of South Africans booking an all-inclusive holiday package which doubles up as a wedding celebration that will allow for a couple to celebrate life and enjoy an amazing and precious occasion together with their family and friends; those who they love and cherish most – at some breath taking locations around the world,” says Hannaert.

South Africans who are familiar with the Club Med brand will know that their premium all-inclusive holiday offering is unlike any other, providing the ultimate in hassle-free and fun holiday experience for everyone aged 4 months and up – and Weddings by Club Med will be no different.

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