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Concierge Medicine Market - Global Growth, Share, Trends, Demand and Analysis Report Forecast 2027
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concierge medicine market

Generally, people often have a propensity to avoid or fear a medical consultation with a physician. A myriad of factors can contribute to such a consumer mindset. Most such individuals are often either ignorant or fearful of discovering that they have a serious health condition. Delaying professional consultation can significantly endanger the patient's life and complicate the treatment procedure. On average, a patient takes 24 days before seeking a doctor in major cities of a developed economy. The recent scare of the pandemic has motivated a significant number of patients to seek immediate healthcare consultation. The global concierge medicine market is expected to flourish in such a business environment as it focuses on providing personalized care and building long-term trust.


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Strong Patient-Doctor Trust to Create Considerable Growth Prospects

Concierge medical practice refers to a specialized form of healthcare services where patients are charged with a fixed retainer fee for doctor's consultations. The length of the sessions is also significantly longer, about 45-90 minutes on average. This helps build a strong trust between a patient and the healthcare professional. The service spectrum includes house visits, tests, referrals to specialists, travel care, and regular health check-ups. Such a personalized service model eases patients to become more casual about their concerns and brings serious health conditions to light in time. The global concierge medicine market is poised to grow at a steady pace owing to the benefits of strong patient-doctor trust and timely delivery of healthcare services.


Demand for Hybrid Healthcare Models to Aid Long-term Market Expansion

Primary care is an important aspect of overall healthcare delivery. When a patient first visits for a checkup, primary care physicians (PCP) are the first point of contact. They suggest appropriate tests or referrals based on their initial assessment. Patients are now seeking highly personalized PCP consultations. This has stirred the demand for membership-based consultation in the recent past. On the other hand, internal medicine is also gaining significant traction. Various internal medicine professionals operate on a hybrid model owing to the benefits of concierge medicine. In addition, the growing prevalence of various chronic diseases, coupled with the paced adoption of internal medicine and PCP is facilitating growth across the global concierge medicine market.

Consumer Propensity to Seek Preferential Treatment in Healthcare Delivery to Cement North America as Leading Regional Player

Growing health awareness, the presence of robust healthcare infrastructure, and high healthcare expenditure have established North America as the leading concierge medicine market region. Consumers are swiftly learning and adopting concierge treatment models owing to its benefits including personalized care, fixed rates, and patient-doctor trust. Many solo practitioners are offering membership-based plans to gain a competitive edge and long-term economic feasibility. North America also has a high prevalence of chronic health issues such as cancer, cardiovascular disease, and diabetes. Such market conditions are set to sustain the demand for concierge medicine during the forecast period.

Prominent Market Players

Some of the key market players in the global concierge medicine market include Signature MD, MDVIP, Specialdocs Consultants, LLC, Crossover Health, Concierge Consultants & Cardiology, PartnerMD, Peninsula Doctor, Castle Connolly Private Health Partners, Destination Health, Cambell Family Medicine, US San Diego Health, and Priority Physicians, Inc.


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