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Content Recommendation Engine Market Outlook; Development Trends, Market Demands, Industry Analysis & Forecast by 2022
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Global Content Recommendation Engine Market Research Report, by Component (Solution), Filtering Approach (Collaborative Filtering, Content-Based Filtering), Organization Size Vertical — Forecast till 2023

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Market Highlights

The rise in the digitalization has increased the utilization of online shopping

With the rise in the digitalization, there has been an increase in online shopping via various e-commerce platforms in the Asia-Pacific region that has encouraged websites to utilize the content recommendation engines to provide enhanced user experience and expand their customer base. These recommendation engines enable the search to be user-friendly and show consumer with the products or information as per the previous search. Additionally, the increasing ownership of mobile phones is contributing to the growth of e-commerce and fueling the adoption of recommendation engines by e-commerce websites. Additionally, developments in the SME segment are expected to increase the adoption of content recommendation engine by enterprises, as these solutions enable ventures to attain benefits, of monitoring the number of users viewing the product, searching the services, and others.

Major players like Amazon Web Services, IBM, and others are already dominating the Content Recommendation Engine Market. These companies have introduced platforms that utilize the recommendation engines to provide information or product recommendation to the user. IBM has developed applications such as IBM MobileFirst for iOS ancillary sale, IBM MobileFirst for iOS dynamic buy which are user-friendly and provides recommendation as per the user’s history data.

Rapid digitalization in countries like India, China, UAE and others has lead to the growth of the market. Currently, each product is available on online platforms, which are expanding their reach in these countries. In India, e-commerce has rapidly grown with the increasing number of users. Online e-commerce platforms are utilizing content recommendation engines to provide relevant and similar information on products for the users as per their search.

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