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Digital Printing Market Limitations, Opportunities, News and Policies 2027
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Digital Printing Market Research Report: Information by Ink Type (Aqueous, Solvent, UV Cured, LATEX, and Dye Sublimation), Technology (Inkjet (Thermal, Piezo Crystal, Electrostatic, and MEMS) and Laser), and Substrate (Plastic Films, Release Liner, Glass, Textile, Paper, and Ceramic) – Forecast till 2027

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Digital Printing is a modern method of production that allows for printing from electronic files. Digital printing can be explained as digital-based images, which can be directly printed onto various media substrates such as paper, photo paper, canvas, fabric, synthetics, cardstock, etc. Digital printing does not require a printing plate, unlike the more traditional offset printing. It involves the document recreating on a computer and then printing directly onto your choice of material. This is an alternative to lithography, flexography, gravure, letterpress, and others. The  Digital Printing Market  will reach USD 215 billion by 2027 and will register a good growth rate in the forecast period.

The Digital Printing Market is segmented into ink type, Technology and substrate. Based on the Ink Type, the market is fragmented into Aqueous, Solvent, UV Cured, LATEX, and Dye Sublimation. UV cured inks contain reactive monomers, oligomers, pigments and additives, and photoinitiators. The key advantage of UV cured inks is that the inks offer instant drying on a wide range of substrates from metals, glass, and ceramics to flexible packaging, thin-gauge polymeric films, and many more. The increasing availability of curing technologies, new delivery systems, and raw materials enhances the scope for UV cured ink.

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The Digital Printing Market is studied in North America, Europe, Asia Pacific and other parts. North America is dominating the market due to the conservation effort for the environment and minimizing waste, which helps in market growth. Cutting-edge technology development enhances the market and acts as a major driving factor. The availability of innovative, new and advanced technologies is the main driver. The growing demand for safe and effective features is boosting the market growth.

three top manufacturing brands, HP Indigo Digital Press, Avery Dennison and Sona Fine Corporation, will explore new business opportunities and share innovations in label applications .

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