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Dima Ghawi Leads Monthly Networking and Discussion Group
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Baton Rouge, LA, October 24, 2017– Leadership and Lattes is a new business-focused group that can be found monthly around Baton Rouge. The primarily female-comprised group enjoys networking opportunities while engaging in lively discussion surrounding topics of leadership and success over lattes and breakfast fares. The group is led in discussion by local motivational speaker, author, and business coach, Dima Ghawi.
“Great conversations with great women! Looking forward to next month!” – Tiffanie P.
With only two monthly meetings to date, the group has already experienced tremendous growth and is getting rave responses from attendees. Due to limited space, reservations are required, and as previous events have sold out, those interested are encouraged to secure their tickets early.
Learn more about this group and upcoming meetings by joining the public Facebook group.
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