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Baton Rouge, LA, November 14, 2017– Born into a conservative, Christian family in Jordan, Dima was raised in a culture that judged and suppressed women. But, Dima’s dreams for herself went much further than that. In her memoir, Breaking Vases, she bring readers through a vivid journey that spans decades, many continents, and a host of diverse cultures. From arranged marriage and threats for her life to high-powered businesswomen to leadership coach and keynote speaker, Dima’s story never takes the path it was “supposed to,” and readers will be grateful for it.

“Brilliantly written. A must read for women and men alike.”

“You can’t help but feel encouraged and empowered by it.”

With the official release of Breaking Vases coming on November 20. Pre-orders of the book, including extras such as bookmarks, audio programs, and a book club with the author are available at BreakinVases.com.

Learn more about Breaking Vases, upcoming events, and availability by visiting BreakingVases.com

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