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Press release

EKIM secures €2.2M in funding with Partech & daphni: it's the food “robolution"!
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EKIM, the French Food Tech start-up created at the end of 2013, has completed its first institutional
fundraising of 2.2 million euros with the investment funds Partech and daphni. On this occasion, Jérôme
Tafani - CEO of Quick and Burger King France – joins EKIM's Strategic Committee.

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EKIM secures €2.2 million in funding with Partech and daphni funds: the food “robolution” is around the corner.

EKIM, the French Food Tech start-up created at the end of 2013, has completed its first institutional fundraising of 2.2 million euros with the investment funds Partech and daphni. On this occasion, Jérôme Tafani - CEO of Quick and Burger King France – joins EKIM’s Strategic Committee. Conceptualized by two young French engineers, Sébastien Roverso and Cyrill Hamon, and run by Philippe Goldman - ex l’Oréal - EKIM aims to revolutionize the world of food tech and announces the creation of the first fully autonomous restaurant with pizzaiolo robots cooking before the customer’s eyes!

With this fundraising and the developed technology, EKIM is launching the business development of a new fast food solution with worldwide potential. The start-up aims to launch a new turnkey concept of “tech good food” with the ambition of a worldwide roll-out. Following a pilot project in France at the end of 2018, it will be developed under franchise or license agreements in 2019 under the name PAZZI.

The PAZZI project:

the food “robolution” made in France! Marketed by EKIM, PAZZI is a turnkey “tech good food” concept offering pizza (alongside drinks, desserts, and salads). Several formats – such as the seated mode, the takeaway, the food court, and eventually, the drive-in - will be available under franchise or license agreements from 2019 onwards. Thanks to the technology involved (robots, apps, and data analysis), the model developed by EKIM makes it possible to fight against “junk food”, and to offer customers an enhanced dining experience: higher quality ingredients, optimal service time, ultrapersonalized service, and guaranteed entertainment. The robots are fully autonomous from order to delivery, i.e. they require no human intervention. In addition, PAZZI is the first-ever remotely run restaurant.

The PAZZI experience:

show cooking and over 500,000 combinations of available recipes, at any time of the day PAZZI offers customers the possibility to create and customize their pizza in countless ways. There are over 500,000 combinations of available recipes, at any time of the day. It gives customers an optimal view of the entire preparation process of the pizza and offers the promise of a guaranteed service time for the first time in the restaurant industry. PAZZI is also a unique visual experience: show cooking. Customers can see the robots prepare their orders with elegantly

developed movements. Finally, with a potential 24/7 opening time and a 30-second execution speed, PAZZI constitutes an optimal food service solution in high traffic flow areas (such as train stations, airports, large boulevards, shopping centers, department stores, or campuses).

Chef Thierry Graffagnino, the triple World champion of pizza, has been working on the project since 2017, bringing his own signature dough and pizza recipes. Locally produced, the fresh dough is stone-baked. The high-quality ingredients come from Italy and France: flour from the MOULINS FAMILIAUX mills, organic vegetables, PDO cheeses, clean label ham, and ethically caught fish sourced from sustainable fisheries.

According to Philippe Goldman, CEO of EKIM: ‘Cose da pazzi’ means ‘it’s completely mad’ in Italian. This was my initial reaction when I discovered the project in the summer of 2016. PAZZI represents a huge technological challenge: optimizing the total production process of a pizza (order, preparation, baking, and delivery) within a 45m2 area, customizing each order, adding a show cooking dimension, all of this at a reasonable investment cost. These are the challenges we faced during the four-year research and development phase. Yet this project would not make sense had we not included the search for ingredients of the highest quality. The objective is not only to conquer the global fast food market of over €900 billion (source: Xerfi), but as well to move away from junk food - a global public health concern -, but also to extend our offer to the foodservice industry. The food “robolution” is around the corner. ‘Sono pazzi questi francesi!’

The two investment funds,Partech and daphni the challenging aspects of PAZZI’s innovation in the food tech world by adding:

According to Romain Lavault, general partner of Partech: "the meeting with the EKIM team was an immediate success. It is very rare to disrupt both the economic equation and the quality of a product already present everywhere in the world. What this future leader of French Food tech manages to achieve is incredible: to offer a faster, more flexible, more connected, and more economical service while increasing quality and choice thanks to new recipes and premium ingredients. Discussions regarding the next round of funding scheduled for the end of the year have already begun."

As Pierre-Eric Leibovici and Paul Bazin of daphni explain, in a food tech environment essentially marked by innovations in delivery and payment services, EKIM is revolutionizing the food preparation market and reinventing the customer experience at the point of sale. The company benefits from French excellence in the field of service robotics and has succeeded in developing an unmatched complex technological platform. The project is global in essence and is bound to quickly expand internationally. It is a unique project by the radical shift it proposes, and we are happy to accompany EKIM’s extraordinary team as a financial partner.

Two premieres of PAZZI by the EKIM team are scheduled as follows: May 25th 2018: a world premiere presentation at Viva Technology 2018.

During the event, EKIM will showcase its worldwide innovation during a press conference on May 25th from 12:00 p.m. to 12:30 p.m. (in the press area, accreditation required) and with press interviews from 12:30 p.m. to 1:00 p.m. in the presence of EKIM’s CEO, one of the company’s founders, and the Chef. For the occasion, a presentation will take place at the “Discovery Arena” of the “Hall of Tech” on May 24th at 2:30 p.m. and on May 25th at 1:50 p.m.

To request press accreditations for Vivatech:

From May 28th to June 1st 2018, EKIM will host a first demonstration with pizzaiolo robots followed by a pizza tasting. The event will take place by invitation at EKIM’s headquarters in Marne la Vallée.

Upon request to EKIM’s press service: Interview of Philippe Goldman, CEO, and investment funds Partech and daphni. Videos starting May 24th.

Mlle Pitch Agency

(photos available on request)

Magali Faget :

Phone: 06 43 47 46 51


EKIM is a French start up specializing in food technology. It was created in December 2013 by two young engineers, Sébastien Roverso and Cyrill Hamon, who are currently the managing directors of the company.

€2.5m have been invested in EKIM since its creation and until 2016, particularly through funding from friends and family, as well as Bpifrance (Public Investment Bank) and the Crédit Impôt Recherche (French Research Tax Credit). These funds have made it possible to cover the entire R&D phase, materialized by the issuance of 3 French patents.

In order to facilitate the marketing and sale of EKIM’s concept, Partech and Daphni, two French venture capital funds, have recently invested €2.2m in the company (50/50) between the end of 2017 and May 2018. The EKIM team comprises 6 collaborators, most of whom are engineers, including Sébastien Roverso and Cyrill Hamon, the company’s two founders and current managing directors. Philippe Goldman is the CEO. Starting January 2019, EKIM will market its concept under the PAZZI brand. The offices and R&D workshop housing the first EKIM robots are located in Montévrain, Marne la Vallée.

The manufacturing of the robotized machines was carried out by French companies, in particular the MIND group. Various organizations have collaborated generously to the project. These include: Sysaxes, through the loan of robots by Universal Robots; Acrelec, a leading company in the field ofphygital screens as part of its start-up program; and the Strate design school research center in Sèvres.

EKIM sas - 7 rue Edouard Buffard - 77144 Montévrain (5mn away from Disneyland Paris)

More info on


Romain Lavault is a General Partner at Partech and a member of EKIM’s Strategic Committee.

Partech is a global investment firm with offices in San Francisco, Paris, Berlin and Dakar. They bring together capital, operational experience and strategic support for entrepreneurs at seed, venture and growth stages across multiple continents, with over $1.2B investment capacity. Companies backed by Partech have completed more than 20 initial public offerings and more than 50 strategic exits above $100M. More info on

For Partech Press inquiries:

UK : Sonia Rehill - +44 (0)7968 747331

Germany : Julia Tenner - +49 171 2693522

USA : Stéphanie Rhumeur - +1 41 581 28452


Pierre-Eric Leibovici and Paul Bazin are members of EKIM’s Strategic Committee. daphni is a venture capital company investing in European digital startups with an international ambition. The company coordinates its investments and gathers its community of entrepreneurs, business leaders, researchers, and creative people through a proprietary digital platform. Launched in June 2016, its initial 170-million-euro fund has already finalized around twenty investments. More info on

For daphni Press inquiries: Vincent Touati Tomas - +33 6 07 27 72 69 -


Jérôme Tafani is a member of EKIM’s Strategic Committee. He is the CEO of Quick and Burger King France, former Executive Director of Chipotle Europe, former Corporate SVP Europe of Mc Donald’s after having been Managing Director of Mc Donald’s in France.

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