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Estated Launches "CarFax for Homes" and new Data API
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Data Nerds, the aptly named property data supply company announced today the official launch of its new line of products and data solutions under the name Estated. The product launch follows the closing of their Series A funding round with $3 Million in backing from illustrious technology investors, including Foundry Group and Techstars Ventures.

The product line includes Estated Data, a property data API that boasts an industry-leading data supply solution, as well as Estated Reports which offers customizable premium property reports featuring never before seen comparative capabilities.

Estated Data will enable developers, programmers and data scientists to enrich their existing applications immensely with a full suite of easily implementable of data points from property details and valuation to crime, safety, climate and utilities information. The property data API looks to provide solutions across all relevant industries, servicing companies in real estate technology, energy, home services, mortgage lending, marketing and more.

Estated Reports aims to revolutionize the homebuyer experience by leveraging its industry leading valuation model paired with its existing core data including extensive property details with information on owners, possible residents, damage risks and climate risks, financial history, and crime information. Flanking the standard Estated Report is Estated’s Comparative Report—a brand new product that has the ability to compare up to ten properties at a time based on size, bed and bath count, estimated value, and more property characteristics before sorting and grading them to evaluate how a property compares to similar ones in the area.


CEO and Founder Joshua Fraser saw the potential for such a company years ago when considering the difficulties and roadblocks of the homebuyer process in his own life. After carefully researching the possibility of a “CarFax for houses”, he found that his dream solution did not yet exist. So, he gathered a team and they built it themselves.

“As we continued to build the product and gather data, we realized it was a bigger opportunity than we thought. Not only were we doing something brand new, but we were entering an industry ran on outdated models with an exceptional and youthful team.”

The US residential real estate market is currently valued at over $36 trillion, with approximately 5.5 million homes sold annually. Furthermore, 9 in 10 home buyers are using online resources and 51% of buyers find the home they ultimately purchase on the internet. Simply put, the opportunity is immense, and the team at Data Nerds knows it.

Historically, the industry lacked quality insights accessible to the average consumer, and is still reliant on antiquated technologies. Fraser has turned this gap into his company’s mission statement, explaining that “consumers and businesses are entitled to deeper insights with analytical rigor and beautiful data visualizations to make better decisions.”


Data Nerds, founded in 2014, is a company focused on aggregating, digitizing, and standardizing property data and presenting it to consumers through their API and intuitive line of products. Their rapidly expanding pool of proprietary data, effective models and evolving analytics will allow them to be the go-to property supply and analytics solution for years to come. Data Nerds is financed $3 Million in Series A, with it’s notable investors including Foundry Group, Next Big Ventures and Techstars Ventures.

For more information, visit or contact for all press inquiries.

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