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Ethypharm ready to bring to patients world-leading digital therapies for depression and addiction
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Saint-Cloud, France – April 6th, 2021 – Ethypharm announces today that it has acquired exclusive rights for two CE-marked digital therapies, deprexis® and vorvida®, developed by GAIA AG (GAIA), a global leader in digital therapeutics. With these innovative clinically-proven digital therapies, Ethypharm strengthens its product offering to

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30 million European individuals suffer from depression. The burden of mental disorders is growing, with significant impacts on health and major social and economic consequences. The ongoing COVID-19 pandemic is leading to an increase in cases of depression and alcohol use disorders (AUD). In parallel, to address the pandemic, digital health technologies have been adopted at a fast pace to help maintain an appropriate care of patients.

In this context and using its expertise in CNS, and more specifically in pain, addiction and depression, Ethypharm has identified that, beyond conventional medicines, innovative and reliable therapeutic solutions could offer new alternatives to treat patients and support healthcare professionals currently facing unmet needs.

deprexis® is a web-based digital therapy medical device to help patients manage their symptoms of depression and one of the world’s most researched digital treatments. vorvida® is helping to reduce the risks and damages caused by problematic alcohol consumption. This digital therapy has proven clinical efficacy in the treatment of bothersome or harmful alcohol consumption including diagnosed alcohol use disorder (AUD).

Ethypharm acquires exclusive rights for deprexis® in 4 European countries: France, the United Kingdom, Italy and Spain. vorvida® is first licenced for France, with rights to future extensions in other European countries. Under the terms of the agreement with GAIA, Ethypharm will ensure the marketing and sales of these two digital therapeutics within their licenced territories.

Digital therapeutics will be a key lever to Ethypharm’s growth. According to Market Data Forecast, the European digital therapeutics market was valued at US$ 612 million in 2020 and is forecasted to grow at a compounded annual growth rate of 21.4% between 2021 to 2026.

“Mental disorders are a worldwide major burden on people, society and the economy. With COVID-19 and associated growing concerns on mental health, we wanted to provide innovative treatment options for patients and their physicians. These disruptive digital therapies have proven their efficacy and therefore, fit extremely well with Ethypharm’s ambition to improve people’s lives. The partnership with GAIA, a pioneer in digital health, is

the illustration of the ability of Ethypharm to listen to unmet needs and either to develop or find the optimal partner to answer them.” said Bertrand Deluard, CEO of Ethypharm.

"After 20 years of R&D in this field, it is great to see that healthcare systems all over Europe start realising the enormous potential that scientifically proven DTx products have to offer. We are therefore more than happy that Ethypharm will bring two of our products to key European markets, helping to reduce the enormous medical, psychological and economical burden these diseases create. " Dr. Mario Weiss, CEO and Founder of GAIA, commented.

About Ethypharm

Ethypharm is a European pharmaceutical company focused on two therapeutic areas: the Central Nervous System and Critical Care. Ethypharm markets its drugs directly in Europe and China, and with partners in North America and the Middle East where its drugs are in high demand. The Group employs more than 1,500 people, mainly in Europe and China. Ethypharm works closely with authorities and healthcare professionals to ensure the appropriate use of and access to its medicines, by as many people as possible.

For more information visit and follow us on LinkedIn

About GAIA

GAIA is a global leader in digital therapeutics (DTx), launching its first product successfully in 2001. With its stringent focus on research and development of evidence based, fully-automated online interventions the company continuously shifts benchmarks when it comes to effect sizes and safety profiles for digital therapeutics in neuroscience, immunology, oncology, or behavioral health. With more than 250 experts in the field of Medicine, Psychology, Behavioral Medicine, Software Engineering as well as Regulatory and Market Access, GAIA is one of the most experienced and largest global players in the development of next generation digital solutions to support and treat patients with a broad variety of medical conditions.

For more information about GAIA please visit You can also follow GAIA on Twitter, @GAIA_COM, and LinkedIn

Media Contacts

• Ethypharm: Mai Tran,, + 33 (0)6 64 74 70 80

• GAIA: Johann Meyer-Christian,, +41 79 614 46 44

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