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Flixup new App makes creating and sharing social media videos simpler
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Flixup lets users edit, enhance videos easily, and create whole new stories from existing content on the platform. It lets users easily craft stories from their own footage and other clips in the network (100,000+ clips).

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Paris, France - June 2018

The app has two clear goals. First, it wants to let users edit their own videos and share them on any social network, as well as with Flixup's growing user-base. It also lets users remix and re-use content already on the platform, including more than 100,000 pop culture GIFs and memes.

"Social media stories are becoming elitist," says Flixup co-founder Arthur Dagard. "It's not only that influencers have taken over. It's also that normal people feel they need to produce perfect content before they feel safe sharing it."

By contrast, Flixup users don't even need their own video content to share stories. They can take clips uploaded by friends and community members, add gifs from their favorite movies and TV shows, and make something original in just a few taps.

"It lets users tap into their imagination, especially those who don't have stunning videos they've filmed in HD. They can still express themselves and make something that other people will enjoy."

The collaborative tools also let users interact with and use each other's content and tell stories from multiple perspectives. Users can extract clips from existing "flix" and build new stories with this content.

This lets influencers collaborate with fans, and friends relive shared experiences. Users don't need any software to stitch these moments together. The app use simple drag and drop gestures, so no technical knowledge is required.

"It's not about replacing Instagram or Snapchat. It's about giving users an easier way to share content on those platforms, and to create something a little more honest."

Flixup, is a new social network created by Narray Inc. For more information, please contact Adrien Caiazzo at You can download Flixup exclusively from the iTunes app store.

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