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Flottman Company DEBUTS their new website as One Company, many solutions

Flottman Company launches their new website with 35 additional pages of content, a new project portfolio and a focus on the unique miniature folding services.

Northern Kentucky - Cincinnati, Ohio – January 30, 2018: Flottman Company is proud to introduce their new corporate website. The completely redesigned site,, offers visitors a more contemporary look with vibrant colors, simple navigation and an overall streamline design. The robust content represented on the site details Flottman Company abilities, opportunities and accolades. The site contains more than 100 “Story-Telling” images that serve as portals to access essential information.   The new site is completely mobile friendly and accessible on any device. The site also provides a portal to Flottman’s strategic and multi-channel marketing abilities via FUSIONWRX and the one-source complete packaging service with Rxperts Printed Packaging Group. 

The new website, designed by the strategic marketing team at FUSIONWRX, is now more comprehensive and informative than before. The user-friendly interface makes it simple for visitors to see what Flottman Company can do and serves to empower customers to consider new concepts for success. There is a strong emphasis on the company’s miniature folded insert capabilities, emphasizing the 40+ years of pharmaceutical folding experience. In addition, the Flottman website highlights the expansion of folding services into medical device, consumer packaged goods (CPG) and in-package marketing. The dedicated project portfolio pages utilize pictures, descriptions and results to detail performance success.

In honor of their employees and partners Flottman Company’s community initiatives receive special recognition on the website. The website will now host Flottman Company’s monthly blog which will incorporate folding, printing and marketing content for discussion. Social media will play a vital role in maintaining website content with Flottman’s Facebook page being streamed live and inclusive of that will be immediate industry and company news directly on the home page.  

Sue Steller, President of Flottman Company shared that, “In today’s right now world, our website is the first opportunity to impress a potential client and we want to make it easy to access the right information immediately from anywhere at any time.”

Also new to website is the stress-free means with which to request samples or a project quote. The quick response form is easy to complete and instantaneously reaches the development team at Flottman Company. Visitors are encouraged to explore the website and sign-up for the Flottman Company mailing list, which can be done right from the homepage or via the Flottman Company Facebook page. 

The Flottman Company is a third generation, family owned and operated printing company specializing in miniature printed and folded instruction for use leaflets (IFUs), direction for use leaflets (DFUs) and Food and Drug Administration (FDA) required medical content inserts. Flottman is the parent company of FUSIONWRX a strategic marketing firm and Rxperts Printed Packaging Group a one-stop label, insert and folding carton provider.  Our team of businesses can design, package and promote your product.


About the Flottman Company:

Flottman Company: www.FlottmanCo.comFlottman Company is a privately held, family owned, 96-year young, print manufacturing facility headquartered in Northern Kentucky.  Flottman specializes in the production of miniature folded and printed pharmaceutical literature. The Printing Industries of Ohio and Northern Kentucky named the Flottman Company Printer of the Year. The University of Cincinnati honored Flottman with the Tri-State Family Business of the Decade Award. Flottman Company: One Company, Many Solutions is also home to FUSIONWRX (Marketing Specialists) and Rxperts Group (Total Pharmaceutical Packaging Solutions.) The Flottman Company is currently overseen by the third generation of Flottmans: Sue Flottman Steller and Peter Flottman. Like us on Facebook, follow us on Twitter and learn more about Flottman Company at our new website:

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