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From Top Federal Consultant to Enemy of the State
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Memoir “Beltway Bandit” Chronicles a Life of Service Gone Sideways

HOLLYWOOD, CA, December 31, 2017– An Air Force officer who broke ground in creating a curriculum for field grade commissioned officers at Air Command and Staff College became a consultant bringing billions of dollars to Fortune 50 federal contractors. But, when an opportunity came to enter the world of Hollywood, things went, as goes a military colloquialism, TANGO UNIFORM.

Federal agents tapping into Google calendars to follow persons to social events seems generally harmless. But using that same information to visit prospective employers after an interview to disrupt the job opportunity can have devastating financial consequences. But, wait… is it not illegal to wiretap American citizens?

Dwayne Conyers is a U.S. Air Force Veteran who utilized his left-brain technical skills at the Pentagon and White House. His right-brain creative skills have been utilized in writing and producing shows for Amazon Prime. He is a graduate of the Warner Brothers Comedy Writing Workshop and the Writers Guild of America, West veterans’ mentorship.

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“Beltway Bandit” on Amazon in paperback ( and Kindle ( versions.

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