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Get paid for your New Year's Resolution?
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How many times have you set a New Year’s resolution and forgotten about it 3 weeks later?

It’s not always easy to lose that extra 15 lbs. or put down those cigarettes for good! We all know that most of the gyms empty out by February - but what if you could get paid to keep your New Year’s resolution?

Goal Goodies (www.goalgoodies.com) is a way to help people hit their fitness goals and keep their resolutions. We are pretty much the Kickstarter of health goals :)  Our site gives people added motivation through friends and family pledging money and cheering them on. The person who reaches the goal can either keep the funds or donate to one of our charity partners.

Not only does a monetary incentive help people reach their goals, people are also held accountable by their social network. If grandma gives you $100 to stop smoking - you better do it! Could Goal Goodies help more people stick to their resolutions this year?

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