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What is an Academic Report?

Report writing is a quite crucial and necessary skill in various academic disciplines. An extensive interpretation of academic writing can be defined as a type of writing performed or exercised in order to accomplish the prerequisite of scholarly task of college or university. 

English report writing is an explicit articulation of writing which is organized around briefly identifying and analyzing issues, circumstance, data that have cropped up in a physical impression like events that have taken place amidst an organization, or result, discovery from a research inquest. The part of report writing includes certain references and conclusions.

Types of Report Writing

Report writing can be classified into two broad categories

  • Formal Report writing – Formal report writing can be defined as the collection and comprehension of a particular information or data. The usage of formal reports is mostly in offices and other official sectors. Formal report writing can further be subcategorized into 
  1. Informational Reports
  2. Analytical Reports
  3. Recommendation Reports
  • Informal Report Writing - An informal report is usually taken into account to serve or share crucial knowledge, information, perception or awareness with a particular person or a group of person. The informal report writing is usually abrupt and direct. It can be shared easily through email or memo pattern.

How to Write an Academic Report

Accomplishing an academic report comprehends reading, elucidating, analyzing, and drafting a case, and lastly writing an intellectual topic. The steps and format of writing an impressive report is :


The introductory or initial part of a report writing focuses on the main idea and plan or we can say the purpose of writing the specific report. The initial introductory segment includes the brief arbitrary of the central theme or issue.

Main Body of Report Writing

The fundamental body of the report must be drafted in a careful manner, so that it can impact the readers in a strong and positive manner. While writing a report one must pay proper attention to the subheadings to make your report more meaningful and approachable. Body of the report must contain the collected facts and data in order to support your point of view transparently. Readers should relate to your choice of opinions and information prevailed in the report.


The conclusion disposes the accurate inferences you captivate from the prevailed information, comprising any experimental event. 


The proposals and recommendations advocate your point of view and opinion of taking a situation and giving helpful measures to cope up with it.

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