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Growth strategy after Circular Economy workshop in Phoenix, AZ
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PLANETARIANS strategy after Circular Economy workshop in Phoenix, AZ: chips as a proof of the concept - then licensing our tech to feed the growing population across the globe.

Short about PLANETARIANS: When growing population outpaces food supply, our patent pending product increases the human food supply 10x

Efficiency in animal agriculture feed varies between 3% (beef) to 17% (poultry) resulting in an average of 93% of calories fed to animals wasted. We could feed 10x more people if we replace animal agriculture with a more efficient technology solution.

PLANETARIANS solves this problem: We make snacks from the dry matter left after oil is extracted from oily crops such as sunflower and cotton seeds. These oilcakes, used as animal feed today, contain a comparable amount of protein to animal products. Our product can feed 1.5B people from existing material supplies. Our chips offer 3x more Protein, 2x more Fiber and 3x less Fat per serving than typical potato chips at the same price as competing natural snacks: Hippeas, Beanitos, Harvest Snaps.

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