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HeyDoctor App Delivers Diagnoses and Rx with a Tap, Expands to 5 More States
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Wednesday, Oct. 25, 2017,, an app that offers patients inexpensive urgent and primary care online in under 5 minutes for many conditions, just announced expansion into Indiana, Missouri, Montana, Nebraska, and Vermont starting today - and is now available in 15 states overall including California and New York.

Currently HeyDoctor offers 12 medical services including starting and refilling birth control, quitting smoking, UTI treatment, HIV and pre-diabetes testing, and more. Within 3 months HeyDoctor will provide care for 25 of the most common low-acuity medical problems, more than any competitor outside brick-and-mortar clinics. The services are currently available in 15 states and will be in 30 states within the next 90 days, covering 80% of the US population. HeyDoctor leverages asynchronous technology to enable medical care at very low cost that is as accessible as the internet.

CEO Rohit Malhotra, a lawyer and healthcare developer by training, explains “We are starting with primary care, but our goal is to make HeyDoctor and our partner health systems the first place people go for healthcare online.”

Co-Founder and Chief Medical Officer (CMO) Dr. Brendan Levy is a Georgetown trained family medicine doctor and telemedicine innovator who has led projects to bring medicine online at MedStar Health, the OpenEMR project, and other telemedicine companies.

Long time friends, Rohit and Brendan wanted to find a way, as Rohit explains, “to make healthcare suck less.” Dr. Levy says “it has been amazing, with HeyDoctor, to help people get treatment in minutes on their phone that would have wasted hours in a clinic or urgent care.” He also notes the platform “can augment urgent and follow up care in underserved areas and populations.”

The company is guided by an all-star advisory team that includes doctors and researchers from UCSF, UW, and the Washington University in Saint Louis. It also also includes executives with experience across media and healthcare including leaders from Express Scripts and Veru Health.

The company is expanding its direct to consumer primary care practice and has also secured deals to license its software under Software as a Service (SaaS) agreements. HeyDoctor is currently working to build partnerships with health systems, payors, and other entities to help them expand access, improve patient experience, and reduce cost.

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