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How Eating Chips Could Help Lose Weight
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Choose high fiber protein chips: 

- fiber acts as built-in portion control,

- protein provides enough energy for daily activities,

- you don’t overeat during meals (what typically happens when you skip snacks).

Thus you can shed 1-2 lbs a week having snacks, not a rigorous diet.

======== About PLANETARIANS ================

PLANETARIANS is developing high protein snacks for growing population from by-products of the food industry, without the need to grow more crops.

Vision - animal agriculture is inefficient for growing population

Mission - replace animal agriculture with more efficient tech to feed 10x more people from the same ingredients that are used as the animal feed today

Strategy - develop tasty, nutritious, cost-effective alternatives to animal products in growing segments such as healthy snacks, etc and make them available for customers willing to reduce impact on the planet

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