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I lost 200 lbs in 14 months then started a healthy meal delivery company
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Weight Loss Transformation to Healthy Meal Delivery

Born and raised in Los Angeles, California and having the opportunity to travel the world, the City of Angels is the only place that I’d rather be. I’m Adam and used to be morbidly obese, tipping the scales at an eye watering 400 lbs.

Yes that’s a lot of excess weight to be burdened with and that is me in the pictures below. On the left hand side, I’m at one of my heaviest weights and the picture on the right is after I had shed all of those unwanted pounds.

I lost 200 lbs in total over 14 months, through healthy eating and manageable workout plans. My excess weight caused a range of obesity-related conditions such as high cholesterol and blood pressure, pre-diabetes, stage one fatty liver, sleep apnea and back and knee problems. Fortunately, my health issues were reversible and after losing the weight, those conditions also went away.

I had to acknowledge that remaining morbidly obese was no longer an option. I had enough of; being physically and verbally abused by my ex-boyfriend, feeling depressed at age 30, thinking my life was over and that food was my only joy. Somehow I finally got the courage to step up and say, enough is enough!

I joined some local LA gyms, hired some trainers, spent hours every single day researching and learning about nutrition, and I started to practically live at the gym. I knew that this time was going to be different, I wasn’t going to yo-yo or go on a silly crash diet, I was really going to put my mind to transforming my mind and body, and I knew it wouldn’t come easy, but I was ready for the long road ahead, I just had to do it right!

I learned which foods were healthy, but even more importantly, which of those foods I enjoyed eating! I learned what flavors I could add to food that were healthy but still added tons of taste, and learned which ones to stay away from. After a while I got deeper into nutrition and fitness and started learning about BMR, how many calories I should consume, what macro-nutrients to eat, etc. I didn’t want to overload myself at first and walk around with a calculator. I started out by just eating healthy smaller portions of food and eliminating sugars from my diet which really did an amazing job just by itself!

I eventually lost the 200 lbs and then helped multiple friends loose up to 85 lbs of their body fat. I did not want to stop there and had the realization that I really wanted to help more people and make a difference in the world.

I have a Facebook group where I give free nutrition and fitness advice, and if you would like to join please click hereAlso for more information about my weight loss journey and the set of events that triggered the change, please visit this page:

So my transformation led me to quit my desk job and start helping others with their health and fitness for a living. First I became a personal trainer, but not just any trainer. The name of my training company is “From Obese To Beast,” geared towards helping overweight and obese people transform their lives. Since I’ve been where they have been, I’m able to be more empathetic to their position, and thus have had great success helping many obese people to change their lifestyle.

One thing I realized is people don’t know how to eat healthy, or cook, or even have the time to cook. So that’s when I decided to start Muscle Up Meals. We are currently based in a commercial kitchen in Pasadena and deliver healthy food packages in the local Los Angeles area, Glendale, Burbank, Hollywood and Orange County.

Muscle Up Meals is a gourmet healthy meal preparation and delivery service where a team of professional chefs, nutritionists, weight loss coaches and professional athletes are committed to supporting customers with realising, achieving and maintaining their health, fitness and nutrition goals.

Fresh, high quality produce and ingredients are sourced locally which also contributes to the creation of delicious culinary delights. Meat, fish, vegetarian and vegan meals are available, as well as options for breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks.

What sets my meal program apart is that it is not your typical diet food, they are dishes cooked with a healthy touch. I call it “healthy lifestyle food” where each bite is packed full of flavor, and anyone could be satisfied eating the food.

Muscle Up Meals can benefit everyone, and in particular those who are more conscious about the type of food and drink they consume. By ordering meals from Muscle Up Meals, you have the opportunity to spend less time on grocery shopping and meal preparation, and dedicate more time to other activities such as exercise, entertainment, sleep and spending time with family and friends.

Whatever the reason for requiring prepared healthy gourmet meals, Muscle Up Meals can help.

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