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Indoor Farming Robots Market Revenue Poised for Significant Growth During the Forecast Period of 2027
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Indoor Farming Robots Market Research Report: By Type (Robot Gripper, Cutting Robot, Robotic Fodder, Material Handling Robot, Incubators, Monitoring Drones, Others), By Automation (Semi-Autonomous, Fully Autonomous), By Application (Fruits & Vegetables, Floriculture) - Forecast till 2027

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By Forecast 2025, the  Indoor Farming Robots Market  is estimated to achieve a revenue of Usd 358.5 million, with a compound annual growth rate of a CAGR of 22.53%. They can also grip, manipulate, and release items as a human hand would. Furthermore, AI-based robots can identify plant illnesses and pests, which aids in improving crop quality.

With a rising population comes a diminishing supply of food. An increasing need for food fuels indoor Farming Robots Industry expansion. In the agricultural industry, the use of robots is expected to rise in tandem with market expansion. By growing the market for fruits, veggies, and crops, the Indoor Farming Robots Industry is substantiated. Agricultural robots with 3D lenses that can scan and analyze acquired data drive market expansion and improve certain activities due to a lack of farmworkers.

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Surveillance drones are predicted to have the most significant market share due to their many advantages. They are affordable farming robots that can be employed in various farm sizes, including fields less than 50 hectares, contemporary farming and so on. These unmanned aerial vehicles or drones are employed for various tasks, including livestock and poultry, soil and agricultural field study, and pesticide application.

An agreement signed between California Giant Berry Farms and OnePointOne (a US-based technology firm focused on vertical farming) was made in June 2021 to support such assertion. Thanks to this new collaboration, berries will be more plentiful and more accessible to consumers. OnePointOne and California Giant will work together to generate a unique strawberry cultivar and a berry-growing aeroponic vertical farming technique.

Competitive Landscape

The prominent key players in the indoor farming robots market trends are the following:

  • OnRobot (Denmark)
  • Visser Horti Systems BV (Netherlands)
  • Javo (Netherlands)
  • Root AI (US)
  • Ironox (US)
  • FarmBot Inc.(US)
  • Metomotion (Israel)
  • Fodderworks(US)
  • Harvest Automation(US)

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