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Innovation : interchangeable watch strap
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Louis Chevrolet, a watch brand based in Porrentruy in Switzerland, is now offering a new ladies collection, the Number 8 Chronograph. It has an interchangeable strap that is giving elegance and sportiness to this timekeeper. This innovative concept is particularly easy to use thanks to a fixing wheel.

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What purpose ?

"With this innovative concept, we wanted to find a solution to changing the watch strap, which is usually not so easy. For this first model, our choice fell on a ladies' watch so that they could adapt the strap of their watch to their activity or their wardrobe as they pleased. Ease of use was our watchword when designing this product."
Explains André Saunier, CEO of Louis Chevrolet.

Change in just 4 steps

Who said that changing a watch strap should be complicated? The whole design of this product has been thought through for the easiest use possible with the fewest steps. Discover the video

  1. Open the hatch using the thumb wheel
  2. Release the strap
  3. Insert the new strap
  4. Close the hatch using the thumb wheel

In addition to its extreme ease of use, the design of the main piece of this concept has been expertly studied: an easy to handle wheel with a knurled design for better grip, a strap axis which prevents it from falling once inserted and on the wrist, but also a colored patch system which indicates when the hatch is inadvertently opened. This clever system has been deposed and is in the patent validation phase.

Initially adapted to the new lady model from the Louis Chevrolet brand, it will eventually be available in a close version for men's models.

The Number 8 Chronograph ladies' collection is available for purchase on the website from CHF498.- incl. Swiss Tax (EUR 398 excl.). Each timepiece is systematically delivered with a second strap in order to immediately take advantage of the benefits of this innovation.

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Based in Porrentruy, in the Swiss Jura, Louis Chevrolet Swiss Watches has designed, manufactured and marketed since 2006 watches in its own factory. The name Louis Chevrolet pays tribute to the eponym man, of Swiss origin, founder in 1911 of the "Chevrolet Motor Car Company". The factory is located less than 10 km from the place where Louis Chevrolet spent his childhood.

In 2016, Louis Chevrolet started its “big curve” in order to completely renew its collections.

Press contact Louis Chevrolet Swiss Watches

Florent Bregnard
Marketing & communication
+ 41 (0)32 465 38 08

Louis Chevrolet Watch Company SA
En Roche de Mars 10
2900 Porrentruy
Jura- Suisse

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