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Iowa woman takes off her uncomfortable sports bra – and starts a revolution
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Council Bluffs, Iowa woman launches H2W activewear clothing line to fit real women’s bodies

Los Angeles (Oct. 23, 2017) – Tamara Brunow took her uncomfortable, annoying sports bra and started a revolution.

The Council Bluffs, Iowa single mother of three was in a crowded airport awaiting a delayed flight. She was trying to make the best of it, but her bra was driving her crazy.

It dug into her skin. It made her back and shoulders hurt. It felt like a corset instead of a sports bra that was supposed to be more comfortable than the frilly bras sold at lingerie shops.

Frustrated and fed up, Brunow took out a notepad and began sketching her dream: A sports bra that made sense for real women – not skinny runway models.

The bra would provide support in the back and front and it would be easy to put on and take off. It would also allow the skin to breathe. In short, this bra would have her back.

Brunow's sketch turned into a business plan– and H2W Apparel was born.

Brunow, a business leader who also owns her own construction company, created the activewear clothing line for real women who enjoy a fit, active lifestyle. She took her passion for fitness and turned it into a business where women wear bras and leggings instead of hardhats.

The H2W Apparel line is available on the company’s website at

“H2W – happy, healthy, whole. It’s my personal mantra,” says Brunow. “I repeat it each morning before my feet hit the floor. My aspiration was to create an activewear line that embraced that. I want every woman who wears my line to know that they too are happy, healthy and whole in everything they do.”

Women have for centuries been trying to stay active and deal with bad bras. Athletes in ancient Rome bound their breasts together with cloth and leather. Victorian-era women suffered from corsets that stabbed them to the point of drawing blood. The modern sports bra was invented in the 70s – and still isn't great.

H2W’s New Generation sports bras are wireless and have a front zipper, so they are easy to take on and off. They are made with custom-molded cups that offer awesome support and a super soft feel. Mesh lining allows skin to breathe, while a real-world ergonomic "H-back" patent pending design encourages neck and shoulder comfort.

The line’s leggings are comfortable, so women can wear them to the yoga studio or the grocery store. They offer slimming support and wick away sweat. They are tight where they are supposed to be tight – and they are cute.

“The front-zip sports bra is the first I have ever worn that is actually comfortable, does not rub and causes me zero chafing,” says Annie-Lori Thompson, a wife, mother and ultra-runner from Council Bluffs. “The capris are buttery soft and wear well with activity. I’m sold.”

Brunow created H2W for women who believe traditional activewear retailers haven’t listened to their needs, wants and desires.

“If they’re anything like me, they’re tired of spending hard-earned dollars on junk sportswear that itches, rubs their skin raw with hooks and underwires, has a horrible fit and annoying nipple-hiding padded inserts that make their way out of those little slits in the cups at the worst times,” she says. "As a woman, I’m done wasting my money on so-so stuff with the same designs that never fit properly.”

Brunow adds: “I want women to feel empowered when they’re working out, sweating it out or just enjoying a lazy rainy day on the couch.”

H2W Apparel is asking women: “Who’s got your back?”

Now they know. Join the revolution.


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