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Alexis Mantione, a long island housewife, has invented an Adjustable Knitting Needle. Just when you thought you’d seen it all. Mrs. Mantione has been granted Patent Pending status for her new Knitting Needle. It is the first major step forward in hand knitting in over 100 years. This innovation is an “Adjustable Straight Knitting Needle System”, not to be confused with interchangeable or circular needles. It is in a class of it’s own. As Mantione puts it, "It is faster than any straight, or circular conventional knitting needle, and allows the knitter the opportunity to knit virtually any size piece without having to stitch together panels". This is because of the "Adjustable Spring Loaded Slider" that glides over the pliable synthetic cord on each needle. By adjusting the stopper with your fingertips as you are knitting, you are able to keep all the stitches at the forefront of the needle, thus making it unnecessary to constantly pull those loops of yarn that fall to the bottom back up to the needle tip.  Mantione added," it is a lot easier on your arms and upper body when knitting for long periods, or large pieces. You’ll notice right away there is little arm strain." It is ideal for someone with arthritis or similar movement restriction.

Besides the needle being totally unique in it’s design, and function, the hand craftsmanship is quite evident in its fabrication. It is a very high end knitting needle. The main body of each needle is constructed from luxurious rosewood grown in India, hand polished with a proprietary wax to a beautiful luster, then fitted with a genuine brass coupling, 20” slider cord, slider adjustment and end stopper. When one first looks at the new needle system, the first thing people always say is, "Why didn't someone think of this ages ago, it's so simple". As with most great ideas, it is truly simple. The new needles are available in sizes US4/3.5mm through US19/15.0mm.

The revolutionary new My Two Ladies™ Knitting Needle System can be purchased online, or can be found on some store shelves now. It is carried in the New York Metro area at several retailers. You can find them on the company web site at, The story of how the company got it's unusual name can also be found there.

Alexis Crafting Needles LLC is based in Malverne, New York.

High resolution art, and additional media materials can be found at:

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