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Jungle Society Bikini´s & Swimwear Launch 24th May

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Amanda Cortez de Murga was born in Rio De Janeiro and moved to Brussels in 2008. Worked for the Belgian-Brazilian Chamber of Commerce. Launches her own swimwear brand called Jungle Society.

“I am a world citizen. I lived in Brazil until I was fourteen, studied in Germany, UK and USA and constantly traveled the world with my parents. I’ve always dreamed of living in metropoles such as New York or Paris, yet my job brought me to Belgium. My designs are therefore a cocktail of my Brazilian roots, Belgian minimalism and the inspiration I got while traveling. I’m fully committed, and worked hard to set up Jungle Society, from design to pattern cutting and development I have been a full time young female entrepreneur.

I choose to develop JS in Rio for two main reasons one, they have state-of-the-art skills on swimwear, secondly; inputs. It becomes pretty obvious once you understand Brazilians consider swimwear one of the main pieces in their wardrobe. 

From my education in innovation and technology, I work with smart and high-quality fabrics for Jungle Society and support Brazilian universities by giving feedback and willingness to test their ideas. Because I am proud of my roots I am glad to share with the world our carioca way of life.”

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