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Press release

Keep Young Children Safe & Happy.
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Press Release

May 10, 2018

For Immediate Release

Contact: Mike Ogulnick

                 Public Relations Specialist/Brand Ambassador

                 pNeo, LLC



How to Keep Young Children Happy & Healthy? Charlotte Wenham Will Tell You.

Baby injuries are on the rise. Young children can get hurt in their nurseries, or anywhere throughout the home. This absolutely doesn’t need to happen. Charlotte Wenham is the Co-Founder & Brand Evangelist of pNeo, a company that offers products that can improve and save lives. Along with her husband, Peter, Charlotte started pNeo over a decade ago to help inventors turn their ideas into reality, and open the door for high quality products, mostly aimed at the infant/toddler health & safety market, to be available.

“Our partnership with these amazing people allows some fantastic ideas to evolve into brands that parents will not only love but come to depend on” said Charlotte. “We have a passion for collaborating with innovative people and helping them realize their vision.”

Dream Catcher is a perfect example of a much-needed idea that turned into a valuable and potentially lifesaving brand. Peter explains how it came to be. “Dream Catcher, which is a soft, inflatable cushion that surround a baby’s crib, was created by a dad whose child fell from his crib onto the hard floor. The little boy sustained facial injuries, but thankfully that was the extent of his injuries. The dad decided that if a child falls from their crib, a softer landing could make the difference between a big sigh of relief, and a possible hospital stay.”

Baby Shusher is a perfect example of how to make life easier for parents of very young children. It was created by an Austin, Texas minister who was having a devil of a time getting his child to sleep. Along came Baby Shusher, and an amazing way to soothe fussy babies.

Charlotte is available for interviews about how to make your home a much safer and happier place for your child, and their parents. She can also talk about trends in the infant/toddler health & safety industry.

If you are interested in talking with Charlotte, or would like more information, please contact me at or 847-373-7151.


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