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Leah Zeger Record Release Party June 3
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Leah Zeger to host record release party at Herb Alpert's Vibratos Grill Jazz (2930 Beverly Glen Cir, Los Angeles, CA 90077) Sunday June 3, 2018 7:30pm.

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Leah Zeger, an incredibly gifted violinist and jazz vocalist, has toured with Jeff Goldblum, Hans Zimmer and ELO and others. She is celebrating the release of her solo album Plans Change (releasing June 5) with a live show featuring a six piece band and a string quartet. 

The album blends jazz, funk, rock and classical with songs that are sometimes quirky and fun or sometimes introspective and honest. It features some of LA's top session players as well as special guests Steve Vai and David Grisman.

For Vibrato's information/reservations call: (310) 474-9400

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