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Lendix: new website, new visual identity… and new name!
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The number one lending platform in continental Europe unveils its new name and website with the primary objective of supporting its international growth.

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From October 31st, the lending platform previously known as Lendix becomes October. To continue the evangelisation of European companies, it chooses a name which reflects its international footprint, easy to understand and memorise in all languages, going beyond the connotations of the lending product alone.

"We have a new name, October, and it brings other changes with it. We’ve been working on a new look, a new website and new products to reflect who we are: a technology company with a European outlook. Our logo is a bird taking flight, to represent what we do best: unlock all the key moments of a business’ growth" explains Olivier Goy, founder of October.

This name change comes with a complete overhaul of the platform's graphic charter and website: October's design is more tech oriented, more dynamic and simpler, to accomplish the platform’s primary mission: to empower businesses by simplifying and democratising their funding.

October has financed more than 500 development projects in France, Spain and Italy for a total amount of 230 million euros. The platform also adds a language to its site: Dutch. The first loans in the Netherlands will be made in the coming weeks.

About October

October is the new name of Lendix. October is the leading SME lending platform in continental Europe (source: Altfi). In 2017, October was selected in the Global KPMG/ H2 Ventures Fintech100 for the second consecutive year. October enables SMEs to borrow directly from individual and institutional lenders without going through banks. Lenders invest their savings usefully and profitably to facilitate the funding of the real economy whilst businesses find new, simple and effective sources of finance. October has already originated €230m of loans for more than 500 development projects by SMEs of all sizes and from all sectors. October operates in France, Spain, Italy and The Netherland and soon in Germany.

Press contacts:

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