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Press release

Les Belles Heures introduces its new scarf collection Le Isole
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Paris, February 26, 2018

Presse release: Les Belles Heures introduces Le Isole

Les Belles Heures introduces Le Isole, a collection of iconic and timeless scarves declined in 12 Mediterranean shades developed through exclusive in-house watercolor studies. Offered in 3 formats - 40cm, 60cm and 90cm - to wear as a daily accessory with ease and nonchalance, they tell the stories of 12 pieces of time located in 12 different Mediterranean islands.

Designed in Paris, our scarves epitomize the essence of a chic and relaxed lifestyle in both menswear and womenswear through the combination of the best in Italian and French textile savoir-faire. Woven in the region of Treviso, Italy, in our silk modal signature twill blend, they are carefully hand rolled by luxury artisans in the region of Lyon, France. They have this unique feel that only craftsmanship can create.

Worn around your neck or as a headband, pocket square, belt, bracelet or even tied to your hand bag, they will fit to any situation; from a meeting at the office to a cocktail party, a lazy day at the beach or a spring week end in the countryside. Paired to your vintage denim, your favorite white tee, an oversized shirt or your worn-out sneakers they will bring a touch of relaxed sophistication to any outfit. 

Most importantly, they will make you feel unique.

About the Maison

Les Belles Heures is a Paris-based innovative accessory Maison. We make scarves as a go-to, daily accessory for contemporary men and women through a minimalist approach based on premium fabric, a deep focus on color and luxury craftsmanship. 

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