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Local communities supporting local businesses; NO business left behind
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This article sums up the philosophy on which abribond was founded. A philosophy of solidarity among local communities; solidarity that can support local businesses through the crisis and grant all of them unbiased Paycheck Protection.
<p>abribond holds a message of hope for local businesses in and beyond the time of lockdown</p>

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abribond holds a message of hope for local businesses in and beyond the time of lockdown

In the midst of a global lockdown, local businesses found themselves stretched to their limits. As their revenue streams dried up, it became nearly impossible for the average business owner to pay their bills and keep employees on their payroll.

In the past few weeks a staggering 30 million new unemployment claims were filed in the US alone, a growing number threatening what might become an inevitable depression if the situation stays the course.


While smaller local businesses struggle to receive aid from the government, it is now up to the local communities to put a helping hand forth, providing a real unbiased paycheck protection.

It is time for local communities to reach out to their local stores and help them remain afloat through these rough tides. We can pay our local coffee shop in advance for a few of the cups of coffee we know we will buy after the lockdown, or the neighborhood barbershop for a few of the haircuts we will nonetheless need.


We have the power, and now the resource, to step up and ensure our local businesses are thoroughly supported to survive this pandemic. Let’s get through this together.

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