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Lost footage of Tupac Shakur surfaces in Philadelphia!

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Hip Hop pioneer Billy Danze of the World Famous duo M.O.P unearths lost footage of the legend Tupac Shakur. Billy's We Build HIts team have put together the first of many premeires beginning in Philadelphia at Coda nightclub January 28th 4-8pm. Devron Kelly vice president of We Build HIts had a rare opportunity while on the local radio interview scene back in the 90's to interview Tupac. What would you do to see Tupac smile, laugh, react one more time? In addition to showcasing the rare film, We Build Hits has featured some of Phila. top talents East Indian phenom Prin$e Alexander of We Build Hits management & Rising brand Ammo Stillo artist Miles Chancellor of The Crew Down with other guest performances by music enthusiast gamed at paying tribute to such an iconic figure in not only hip hop but the entire world!

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