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Magnolia Tree Earth Center Launches Small Business Lunch & Learn Series & New Co-working Spaces
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Brooklyn New York – Aug 1, 2019 – Brooklyn area small business owners are invited to a lunch and learn at the Magnolia Tree Earth Center, located at 677 Lafayette Avenue, on Wednesday, August 7th, from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m.
<p>Small Business Lunch & Learn at MTEC</p>

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Small Business Lunch & Learn at MTEC

Magnolia Tree Earth Center Launches Small Business Lunch & Learn Series & New Co-working Spaces

For Immediate Release                    Media Contact: Summer Allsop 347-841-3285 | Marlon Rice  301-366-6799

 Brooklyn New York – Aug. 1, 2019 – Building a strong business foundation geared towards growth along with an affordable office space to work from will be in the spotlight when The Magnolia Tree Earth Center hosts local business owners for a Small Business Lunch & Learn — covering development, marketing, legal structures, funding and increasing profits,  on Wednesday, Aug. 7, as a way to promote the new affordable green co-working spaces at the landmark Magnolia Tree Earth Center. (MTEC).

The event will be held from 11:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. at the landmarked 103-year-old Brownstone, 677 Lafayette Avenue, in Bedstuy Brooklyn.

Seven presentations plus Q & A, geared to small business issues include:

  • US Small Business Administration programs, grants and financing by Robin Daniels
  • Bedstuy Gateway BID’s Neighborhood Economic Development initiative and benefits to local businesses in Bedstuy by Medina Sadiq, Esq
  • Small Business Capital Loan Products and Business Funding Sources by Christopher Stewart
  • Creating the Right Entity for Maximum Profits by Sabine Franco, Esq
  •  Leveraging business loans for commercial real estate purchases by Summer Allsop
  • Leveraging Income for legacy, a 3-points to 6-figure finances by Jezel Best


Real Estate Broker Summer Allsop says that since the 40-plus-year-old foundation has been a pioneer in efforts to bring a variety of “green” programs to the neighborhood during the early emergence of the grassroots and environmental education movements, it was a next step to translate this education to businesses. “A tree grows in Brooklyn and so does a healthy business.” The Magnolia Tree Earth Center has always been a pillar of Bedstuy and the center of giving back to the community. The fact that we get to share our knowledge while benefiting businesses that will be potentially utilizing the co-working spaces and contributing to the economics of Bedstuy makes this Lunch & Learn event especially significant.”

The green co-working spaces and singular commercial office spaces will offer affordable options to neighborhood businesses looking for solutions that make it easier for them to operate and fiscal enough to grow profits.  Attendees to the event will have exclusive early bird rates to rent these office spaces.

Early Bird registrations are FREE through August 5th. Registration will cost $25 afterward. Proceeds from the event will help to kick off the fundraising campaign to renovate the facade of the 88 year old brownstone designated as a landmark. 

 Register online at 

For information, contact  Summer Allsop, at 347-841-3285.


About Magnolia Tree Earth Center

A cultural and environmental institution listed on the National Register of Historic Places, the Magnolia Tree Earth Center develops the skills and attitudes among Bedford-Stuyvesant residents of all ages to foster urban beautification and environmental awareness, in addition to developing human potential. 

These new commercial spaces are designed to be a branch to the development of businesses in Bedford-Stuyvesant adding to the communities’ economic outreach.  The small business has been the heart of any thriving neighborhood and by providing these green spaces for small business we are lending support to a growing and thriving community.  


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