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Make Art Make Change
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Over the past several weeks, our team worked with a very select group of artists and designers from our over 100,000+ strong global community to express through art the contrasting perspectives on issues of our times. Their thoughts are communicated through a special collection of thought-provoking and stunning art (which you can explore here:, paired with a brief Op-Ed piece written by our Founder / CEO(attached), examining the power and necessity of art as a method of lessening the divide in our country and inspiring hope.

Our goal is to start a conversation that sparks curiosity and understanding and allows us to see each others' opposing viewpoints to encourage action with meaning. Our hope is that this conversation will encourage viewers to open their minds and to express themselves in a way that can help our country span the current divide in a peaceful and productive manner. And that the public will engage in this conversation with a new level of understanding and optimism.

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