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Malala Will Voice for The Illiteracy in a Mobilizing
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News Release 



For Immediate release: 

Dec 4, 2017 

Media contact 

Jo Tzu Liu 


(M) +1 (917)583-4893 


Malala Will Voice for The Illiteracy in a Mobilizing  

A movement created to support girls get their fundamental rights to read and write 

Manhattan, New York (July 1, 2018)— World Literacy Foundation (WFL) is going to hold an event, World Literacy for Women 2018. The purpose of the event is to conduct a global launch of the campaign I AM POSSIBLE. This campaign provides an opportunity for every individual to mentor or illiterate girls in person. Malala Yousafzai, the young Pakistani activist, will be the event’s guest speaker to share her personal story and experience, and further promote the illiteracy issue.  

The campaign is said to have 100 delegates from various countries, along with them 50 youth ambassadors, who are the trailblazers of their respective countries. Youth are the pioneers for tomorrow, and hence it becomes essential to aid those who do not have the privilege. The vision of the campaign is to create a world where everyone can read and write and make literacy easily accessible and free for the poor.  

“It would be a precious chance for the millennial to reach out to the needy, especially the illiteracy that we usually ignore. The young people are the power of this world, just like Malala.” as quoted by Andy Kay, CEO, and Founder of World Literacy Foundation.  


The event will spark the different, it will create a ripple effect across the globe.  

The participants are limited. For more details about the event, contact us at (917)583-4893, or visit the website:  


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