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Massive MIMO Market Professional Survey Report 2027
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Massive MIMO Market Research Report, by Technology (LTE Advanced, LTE Advanced Pro, 5G), by Antenna Type (8T8R, 16T16R and 32T32R, 64T64R, 128T128R and Above), by Spectrum (FDD, TDD and Others) — Forecast till 2030

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The global  massive MIMO market  size is predicted to grow at a 37.2% CAGR in the forecast period (2020- 2027), states the latest Market Research Future (MRFR) report.

The growing adoption of 5G technology will boost market growth over the forecast period. Massive MIMO plays a pivotal part in 5G infrastructure as its development offers un-interrupting high-speed data transfer which will boost efficiency of 5G networks. Besides, the adoption of 5G chipsets, IoT, and these technologies supports 5G that in turn boosts the demand for the deployment of massive MIMOs.

By technology, the LTE advanced technology segment will lead the market over the forecast period as this technology helps in resolving bandwidth issues that occur chiefly on account of the presence of countless users on a single carrier service.

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By application, the 64T64R segment will dominate the market over the forecast period as most companies use this form of antenna in their testing and deployment.

By spectrum, the TDD segment will spearhead the market over the forecast period for the high data rates as well as huge capacity for HD voice and data. Besides, TDD lowers the cost per bit of the operator with better customer experience.

Top Key Players

Eminent players profiled in the global massive MIMO market report include Nokia Corporation (Finland), Ericsson (Sweden), Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd. (China), ZTE (China), Verizon (US), Sprint Corporation (US), Bharti Airtel Limited (India), China Mobile Limited (China), and Deutsche Telekom AG (Germany) and among others.

Nokia has shipped massive MIMO 5G radios. The 5G radios featuring its more energy efficient and less expensive system on a chip (SoC) is now commercially available.

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