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Meet Charlotte Wenham, a Woman's Whose Products Can Both Change & Save Lives
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Would your viewers, listeners, or readers be interested in hearing from a woman with not only a unique business model, but products that can improve and save lives? Charlotte Wenham, the Co-Founder & Brand Evangelist of pNeo, LLC, is such a woman. Along with her husband Peter, the CEO & Co-Founder, Charlotte started the business over a decade ago with a goal to enable inventors to turn their dreams into reality.


“We handle the day-to-day operations, including manufacturing, distribution, sales & marketing” said Charlotte. “It allows some fantastic ideas to evolve into brands that parents will not only love but come to depend on. We have a passion for partnering with innovative people and helping them realize their vision.”


Dreamcatcher is a perfect example of a much-needed idea that turned into a valuable and potentially live saving brand. Peter explains how it came to be. “Dreamcatcher was created by a dad whose child actually fell from his crib onto the hard floor. The little boy sustained facial injuries, but thankfully that was the extent of his injuries. The dad decided that if a child falls from their crib, a softer landing could make the difference between a big sigh of relief, and a possible hospital stay.”


This dad wanted to make sure his son, and nobody else’s child, would have to go through the pain and anxiety his boy did, so he invented Dreamcatcher, a soft, inflatable bumper that surrounds your baby’s crib. Peter recognized the value of Dreamcatcher, and he, and his outstanding team at pNeo, joined forces with the inventor and turned his idea into a must-have for parents of infants.


Charlotte is available for interviews regarding both pNeo’s products and his company, which has enabled many new entrepreneurs to realize their goals, while watching their creation become a respected brand. She can also share her expertise on trends in the infant & toddler health and safety industry.


If you are interested in talking with Charlotte, or would like more information, please contact me at or 847-373-7151.




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