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Mouton Blanc Spring/Summer19 at Pier59 - NYFW
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On September 10th, Mouton Blanc showcased a new collection for Spring/Summer 19 at the renowned Pier59 venue.

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At 4pm on Monday, at the renowned Pier59 Studios, Mouton Blanc opened the CAAFD Collective showcase for Spring/Summer19. Japanese fashion designer Hakuyo Miya proved once again that he is one of the most promising rising designers on the New York Fashion scene. For his second showcase sponsored by CAAFD, Miya and his brand Mouton Blanc presented a collection of 21 striking looks. Socialite Tessa Hilton opened the show walking in a sumptuous white dress made of delicate lace. This season's collection featured very light fabrics and lace, with transparent designs, white feathers and his trademark elements of fantasy, contributing to the dreamy atmosphere of the show. Colors on display were very sophisticated, with a subtle progression from bright whites to a darker blue with hints of pink and orange, and took the audience on a real journey through the designer's vision, where Japanese traditions meet the elegance of Parisian couture. The music, composed in Japan by Mai Shimizu, featured a duo of piano and flute that really enhanced the experience of the show. The show ended with a fiery orange hoodie dress that blew everyone's mind.

You can find all the pictures from the show here:

Hakuyo Miya was born in Tokyo in 1983. After graduating from the Atelier Chardon Savard in Paris, he founded his own brand Mouton Blanc (Hakuyo in Japanese) and settled in the historic neighborhood of Belleville. From there, he works on his elegant and bold designs, always searching for new ways to combine materials and volumes.

For further information and press inquiries, please contact William Below, Communications Manager, Email: Phone: +33632210274

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